Seven Things, and Nine More

My friend Martha Williams recently nominated me for a BLOG AWARD, even though I’m new to blogging and I have no idea how to go about it.

I often wonder whether I should write more about
the color of my underwear,
or the wonder of the universe.

Or how I couldn’t decide the other day which was more distracting,
the smacking peppermint and flash of blue stud on the grocery girl’s tongue,
or the nest upon her head indicating a well practiced and overzealous

Or the way my eyelids feel right now:
sandy, crusty, peppery.

or right now:
sandy, crusty, peppery.

or right now:
nope, nothing’s changed: still sandy, crusty, peppery.

I’m not a play-by-play blogger. I’m not the most effective blogger, or the most consistent one.

But I sure am a grateful one, because at least someone out there thinks I have something worthwhile to say, every now and again.

And this I know: blogging is all about branching out (and shouting out), so here goes.

(And thank you Martha!)

Step One, in which I list seven things about myself in no particular order…

Hamburg, ca 1986

1) This is the first chain-letter I’ve ever responded to.

2) I don’t like Jello, or jelly, or whatever they call it in your part of the world.

3) I once caught a fish the size of my grandma.

4) The only cigarette I ever ever smoked was when I was about fourteen, and my wise and authoritarian older brother Marc took me out behind our house before our party guests arrived  (yeah, it was one of those parties, when the parents were away for the weekend and an exuberant friend did donuts in the yard and my brothers and I spent all morning Sunday re-sodding the yard to cover our tracks, but, fortunately, our dad was a sodfreak who stored rolls of the stuff in the garage, just in case, which was lucky for us because this was definitely one of those just in case scenarios) and offered me a smoke, which I promptly gagged on, and then gagged on even more when he made me smoke the whole damn thing, down to the end. I haven’t smoked another cigarette since. That goes down as one of those sweet adolescent moments, me wanting to be cool and my brother seeing to it that I wasn’t too cool.

5) I lied once about reading Interview with a Vampire. It wasn’t really an active lie, more a passive one in a conversation back when I was twenty-one and a guy I wanted to impress assumed I’d read it, what with me having lived in New Orleans and all — so I just let him think that I had, in part because I figured I’d never see him again. Turns out, we ended up living in the same town and becoming really good friends – which means I had to fess up. And read the book.

6) I love the city of Berlin so much that I might consider giving up sailing for it.

7) I love sailing so much that I’ve given up cities like Berlin for it.

Step Two, in which I list other blogs worthy of this small but delightful badge of honor. Check them out — they are some of my favorite places to go these days.

  • Off Island Marcelle Heath,  in her latest piece, “alludes to the monsters the adults cannot see, but that the children know all too well.”
  • Kirsty Logan is inspired by edgy, hip things and sometimes angry girls, but above all is a poet worth reading.
  • Whizbyfiction David Erlewine  recently announced: no offense but i can’t do it anymore. every time i get online i check to see if you have updates. i need to write. i closed my twitter account. i don’t check duotrope. i rarely check facebook. But he’s still there, writing for himself and for the rest of us.

And one more mention too:  Qwik-Bake Synthetics, where Walter Bjorkman might just blow your mind.

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10 Responses to Seven Things, and Nine More

  1. hey michelle, what a wonderful sur-prose! i am glad you held back regarding that underwear. not that i think there’s anything wrong with talking about your underwear (or with your underwear in particular, especially its color, which i don’t even know) but, evidently, you are a beautiful blogger, kudos and awards to you! cheers -ff

  2. Lou says:

    Excellent post, Michelle. I’ll be tuning into whatever you decide to muse on. I’ll also check out the other blogs when I get some time.

    Thank you. Sail on! 😉

  3. Walter Bjorkman says:

    Who let this dog in?

    What happened to the Groucho maxim – I wouldn’t want to join a club that would have the likes of me?

    Thanks, this is where I first came across the Marsters and their storyteller lo – what 2 weeks ago?
    Be back, if I can get by the bouncer at the door.

  4. Walter Bjorkman says:

    Hey! I know I’m lower class, but how do I get my wanted post .. .er picture up here? I am much more than triangles and swiggles.

  5. thanks, FF, Lou, Walt.

    As for your fancy pic, WB, it has more to do with the way you set up your own website — you gotta make a pretty picture over there first (on wordpress it’s called a gravatar, but I don’t know how it would work where you broadcast from — maybe ask ff).

    Nevertheless, your triangles and squiggles mean oh so much to me…

  6. yeah, you’re right – should do it. it’s not just wordpress. it’s coupled to your email address(es) (you can have different pics for different emails). (of course, if you’re as one-dimensional as i am what’s the point: you’ll always look fantastic as a line drawing).

  7. wbjorkman says:

    Got it, as you can see from my luminosity attached – started a blog and and there I am! –

  8. Tim Elhajj says:

    Thanks for the nice comments, Michelle! I’ll have to check out some of your favorites. And I appreciate the link to Junk–we can use all the help we can get. If you’re into nonfiction, you should consider submitting your work. We’re hoping to publish the first real issue by Fall 2010. It’s going to be a smoker!

  9. Tim Elhajj says:

    Also – cute picture!

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