On hearing voices and flashing…

It’s an exciting weekend round here, because I’m right between launching two new writing websites.

The first has gone live in the last 24 hours. It got cooked up in just about that much time, too, as emails went flying between Walter Bjorkman and me about the voices in our heads and the imaginings of the characters we write. One thing led to another, and in the cyberspace between Maryland and New Zealand a two-headed creature (who’s quickly becoming a multi-headed creature) was born. The site’s called



and you can view it here. You can sign up to join, or just come and amuse yourself with whatever’s happening. Today there are a couple new posts by Jerry Ratch added to the banter between The Fuddy Duddy Writer and her Fan. Who knows what tomorrow will bring…

*     *      *

Then there’s my new flash fiction project, called

which began as a personal challenge but grew into something bigger than me (always a good thing — I love it when my friends come out to play!). The idea is to write a piece of flash fiction (or poetry), 250 words or less, every week for a year.  The year kicks off NOW (go to to 52|250 if you want to be part of this week’s fun) — the first stories will appear on Monday, May 17. This week, everyone’s writing about BREADFRUIT.

I recruited my friend and fellow flasher John Wentworth Chapin as my partner in this endeavor. John’s also in Maryland — we grew up together.  John and I both believe it’s the little things that count (though he’d never admit it; he mocks me when I go sentimental on him). Of course we unite over something as fun as flashing.

*     *      *

Thanks to Walter Bjorkman and John Wentworth Chapin for making this an especially fun week.  It’s about to get even more fun.

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