The Speed of the Sound of Fiction

A few months back, I thought, I think I’ll try my hand at a little fiction.

I got myself a website, and set a few modest goals. Now, several months later, I’m barely keeping pace with the world I’ve discovered. One day they’ll find me out, I think — they’ll see that I’m just a girl sitting on a boat with a sometimes lousy internet connection. I’m about as low-tech as they come, see, a down-to-earth, here-and-now kind of gal. I prefer my mechanical servo-pendulum windvane to a fancy electronic autopilot; I’d even have a tiller instead of a wheel if I had my druthers.  I don’t even talk on the phone because I like seeing the person I’m talking to.

And now I catch myself logging on every day, saying  a sentence I never imagined I’d utter: My virtual world is colorful and alive.

*   *   *

You know good things are happening when you don’t have time to update your own website because you are too busy reading and writing on others (see previous post to see some of my favorite blogs/websites).

You know good things are happening when you forget to add your recent stories to your own blog, because they are being read elsewhere. You can read ‘Love, Story’ at Metazen, and Routine at 6S, for example.  And you can read an interview about Love, Story here, and another interview about my new flash fiction site here.

But enough about me.

*   *   *

You know good things are happening when you wake up hearing voices who want out — not only the voices in your own head, but those of others too.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been blown away by all the stories brewing for the  flash fiction challenge at

There you will find 17 different stories about breadfruit (who’d have thunk it?) and 22 expressions of “fancy me.” And stay tuned, because in another 24 hours we’ll see what kinds of “little worlds” emerge from the next batch of submissions.

On top of that,

VOICES — where characters (flawed or not) have their say

has also produced sweet harmonies in my ears — with  sexy pigeons, a thoughtful and meticulous caregiver, some southern gals you really would like to know, a grandma in love, the power of a flower, and the never-ending depths of a miraculous purse. Also there’s a man who is not George Saunders sitting in a cave, a girl named Peach, and elephants and mice talking to each other. Oh, and Sleeping Beauty piloting a plane. It’s a wonderful world of experimentation and collaboration, and it’s keeping me up at night, reading and writing.

And then there’s the artist José Alberto Gomes Pereira whose recent acquaintance I’ve made and who has honored the VOICES website with his artwork, All Love Letters Are Ridiculous:

You can read an interview with him here.

*   *   *

I think I’ll try my hand at a little fiction, she thought. Flash is short, that’ll be fun, she thought. I should listen to those voices, she thought.

And she put pen to paper and found herself here.  In marvelous company on a fast moving train.

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