Forecast Bright and Shiny

I am a summer baby.

Birthdays in Maryland were always spent sucking crablegs and chugging Rolling Rocks. Now I’m snugging down my wool cap and wearing extra socks. And dreaming of my mom’s mint juleps.

But winters in New Zealand are not so bad, after all. Spring is just round the corner, and August has been hothothot in the online literary world.

So first, here are the two things I’m buying myself for my birthday (in addition to tickets to hear Sam Hunt read poetry on Sunday — and in addition to the flowers and love already received):

Sam Rasnake’s chapbook of poems Inside a Broken Clock (now available at Finishing Line Press) and Meg Pokrass’ and Jack Swenson’s collaborative book,  Naughty Naughty. Such excellent writers — I can’t wait to get these packages in the mail!

Second, this month features amazing offerings for the adventurous reader (yeah, I borrowed that phrase):

The Linnet’s Wings Summer 2010 collection, featuring the writing of Martha Williams, Susan Tepper, Tiff Holland, Lou Freshwater, Tina Berry, Julie Innis, and Sheldon Lee Compton.

two², the summer issue of Blue Print Review, featuring  poems about Oslofjord and Las Vegas by Brad Rose, Monarch butterfly colors and the relentless nature of grey by Rose Hunter, and a burning hot story by  Sheldon Lee Compton, among other things. Also gorgeous art.

A new interview at VOICES revealing the cold truths about the road to fame with New Yorker cartoonist Bob Eckstein

The weekly stories at 52|250 A Year of Flash (this week: Space Camp.   And coming up soon: ‘I can’t wait!’)

And, as if that isn’t enough to make me happy, a few of my own stories are out there this month, too:

Bedtime Story is at Gloom Cupboard, along with a longer story called Nothing Stops by James Mills

Twins came out at Sleep. Snort. Fuck.

Almost There is up at Blue Print Review’s summer issue, two²

I am honored that my stories appear alongside so many excellent others.

Next up:

a feature page on Momo and her crew at Kathy Parson’s website, Women and Cruising (due out on Saturday, August 21), a few articles in various sailing magazines scattered through the rest of the year, and a story at A Minor.

And finally, next week my second daughter turns six.

August in  New Zealand is shiny.

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2 Responses to Forecast Bright and Shiny

  1. Tom Gleason says:

    What about Gleason’s A Liberal Education? It’s a great read!

  2. spss says:

    Thank goodness some bloggers can write. Thanks for this piece!

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