October Outlook: Sunshine

Very pleased to announce Blue Fifth Review‘s nominations for

Best of the Net 2011  (Sundress Publications):

Ann Neuser Lederer – “Egg of Filaments” (April 2011)
Pamela Johnson Parker – “In Ictu Oculi” (Winter Quarterly 2011)
James Robison – “For the Film New Orleans Mon Amour” (Broadside 19, Summer 2010)
Marcus Speh – “Cahiers du Cinéma” (Fall 2010)
Christine Swint – “The Red Knitting Woman” (Spring Quarterly 2011)
Bill Yarrow – “Son of Goya” (January 2011)

Short Fictions:
Sheldon Lee Compton – “Coming By It Honest” (Winter Quarterly 2011)
Julie Innis – “Fairground” (Glass Woman Special 2011)

Congratulations to these writers! 

* * *

You can see the latest issue of Blue Five Notebook here. It happens to be a flash special featuring Christopher Allen, Gill Hoffs, Nicolette Wong, Foster Trecost, and Martha Williams, with art by Dorothee Lang. A very special issue indeed.

* * *

And speaking of flash…

I’m also pleased to announce the last quarterly of 52|250 A Year of Flash is out. Our year of writing ended in May 2011 and we present you now with the best of the last thirteen weeks, plus some new features. This was a helluva project and a source of tremendous joy for me.  I am tickled to see our last quarterly review


splash down here.

Writers and artists included in this marvelous collection:

Len Kuntz ~ Stephen Hastings-King ~ Susan Tepper ~ Matt Potter ~ Doug Bong ~ Catherine Russell ~ Susan Gibb ~ Linda Simoni-Wastila ~ Martin Brick ~ Guy Yasko ~ Kim Hutchinson ~ Robert Vaughan ~ Tayla Jankovitz ~ Marcus Speh ~ Chelsea Biondolilli ~ Melissa McEwen ~ Piet Nieuwland ~ Michelle McEwen ~ Randal Houle ~ Eryk Wenziak ~ Catherine Davis ~ Dorothee Lang ~ Darryl Price ~ Al McDermid ~ Helen Vitoria ~ Roberta Lawson ~ Mike DiChristina ~ Zoe Karakikla-Mitsakou ~ Georgina Kamsika ~ Stelle Pierides ~ Alexandra Pereira ~ Derek Ivan Webster ~ Michael Parker ~ Martin Porter ~ Kelly Grotke ~ Sam Rasnake ~ Michael Webb ~ Nathan Alling Long ~ Kevin Balance ~ Karla Valenti ~ Lou Freshwater ~ Meg Tuite ~ Michelle McEwen ~ Christina Murphy ~ Angelique Moselle Price ~ Peter Schwartz ~ Maude Larke ~ Jennifer Tomaloff ~ Aaron Robertson ~ Aljoscha Lahner ~ Abby Braman ~ Claire King ~ John Riley ~ Laurie Martin ~ Solveig Mardon ~ Grant Farley ~  Walter Bjorkman ~ John Wentworth Chapin ~  Michelle Elvy

* * *

And finally…

things are looking up in October because my work with Sam Rasnake over at Blue Five Notebook continues with a smashing line-up of poetry and flash for the rest of the year and also because I’m brewing up the Next Big Thing with 52|250 writing and editing pals John Wentworth Chapin and Walter Bjorkman.

More to come… !

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1 Response to October Outlook: Sunshine

  1. Martha says:

    Wow, Michelle, your energy is a constant source of inspiration! Well done on 52|250 and thanks for including me on Blue Five. See you at Bakers’ Dozen maybe? 🙂 Mx

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