November News

Lots happening this month in my print and online world…

First, I’m teaching a flash fiction workshop sponsored by the Kerikeri branch of the New Zealand Society of Authors on November 12. If you are in my neck of the woods and can make it to Kerkeri that day, sign up! It’s a whole day of writing workshops: Poetry, Non-fiction for children, Editing, and Publishing. More info here.

Second, my daughter Lola has written two essays about the Rena oil spill off of Tauranga which have gained the attention of her teachers and local community members, so much so that they are taking her essays to the New Zealand Herald and to the television stations for publication. If you haven’t heard about the oil spill, check it out: it’s a big deal here, and it even has a Wikipedia page.

On a personal note, Lola turns ten tomorrow (November 2). She’s taking the day off school — and journalism — to spend the day with her family.

A little further afield, New Zealand makes a mark (besides the unstoppable All Blacks hosting and winning the 2011 Rugby World Cup — yep, had to squeeze that in here too) at the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair. If you’re not coming here, maybe you’re going there.

And online in November…

This month marks the one-year anniversary edition of the Language/Place Blog Carnival. Dorothee’s at the helm this month, taking us all over the world once more for an eclectic collection of Streets, Signs, Directions. My husband Bernard and I sent in a contribution from our Momo website: The (Road)way of the Orca.

Dorothee Lang began the Language/Place Blog Carnival around this time last year, with a guest editor each month (I edited the Carnival for Edition  # 6: Language and Place on the Edge; other editors this year were Nicolette Wong, Michael J. Solender, Jean Morris, Parmanu, Julia Davies, Walter Bjorkman, Brigita Orel, and Sheree Mack).

Also in the cyberworld, this month sees several wonderful pages at Blue Five Notebook, the online literary magazine I am privileged to edit with Sam Rasnake. Presently at our site is William C. Blome’s story “Horse“along with an author commentary. Upcoming issues include our November issue with flash fiction and poetry and our fourth quarterly, Black. Also at Blue Five Notebook, our next reading period begins now! Send us your flash and poetry for our 2012 issues, including the first of The Ekphrastic Quarterlies: Literature and Film. 

And finally…

My newest project is revving up starting November 1 (that’s today if you’re in New Zealand), when the first Call for Submissions for the new online journal A BAKER’S DOZEN: thirteen extraordinary Things goes out. This is a new journal launched along with my co-editors from 52|250: A Year of Flash, John Wentworth Chapin and Walter Bjorkman. The site will be up and running in the coming month, and the first issue will appear in January.

Here’s the Call for Submissions; send us something extraordinary!


A BAKER’S DOZEN: thirteen extraordinary things is now accepting submissions for our inaugural quarterly issue, to be published in January 2012. We’re looking for fiction (flash, micro, traditional, etc), poetry, creative non-fiction, visual art, audio, video – whatever inspires you. Each issue, we put thirteen ingredients into our giant cyber-oven and see what happens.

General Submissions: We are open for general submissions starting November 1, 2011– if it’s extraordinary and digital, we want to see it.

The first 2012 Challenge: If you were a 52|250 contributor, send us something that begins with a piece published in 52|250: A Year of Flash. Take something that you started there and let it grow. Send us your submission along with the link to your original work at 52|250.

Send your best, most inspired work to: Your email subject line should say SUBMISSION. In the body of the email, provide a brief description of the work and a bio, approximately 60-80 words; if your submission is responding to one of our challenges, let us know. Include the work as an attachment rather than pasting it in the body of the email.

Feel free to post this call in other locations and please address any questions to the submission email address.

We look forward to your extraordinary work.

Michelle Elvy    John Wentworth Chapin   Walter Bjorkman

Editors, A BAKER’S DOZEN: thirteen extraordinary things

(website coming live to your neighborhood soon!)

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  1. Christopher says:

    Great things on the horizon!

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