Tuesday Poem: ‘a memory’ by Vaughan Gunson

a memory:

your summer dress I remember:
orange, green, a touch of turquoise
was it?

how it clashed so madly
with the dull buildings

dulled by a sky-full
of grey clouds

pressing inappropriately
around you.

& your smile—dashed off
as you ran past in the light rain

bright as the sound
tyres make
on a smooth wet road.

Vaughan Gunson is a poet in Whangarei and a member of the poetry group Take Flight. Last week at our monthly meeting, he read this poem. The simplicity of it, and all that colour and clash (despite it being a quintessentially quiet Gunson poem), make me smile.

Vaughan’s poetry has been published in Blackmail PressNew Zealand ListenerPoetry New Zealand, Side StreamStingrayTakaheThe Lumière ReaderUNITY JournalWorkers Charter and 52/250 A Year of Flash.

Readers can find more of Vaughan’s poetry at falling away from blue.

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1 Response to Tuesday Poem: ‘a memory’ by Vaughan Gunson

  1. susan tepper says:

    The quiet beauty of the setting contrasts against the bright dress that contrasts against the dull background. A simple poem that hides its complexity. Lovely.

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