Tuesday Poem: ‘Stay’ by Michelle Elvy


I keep you here
behind the wild green of my eyes
in the sticky black of my lashes
under the chewed pink of my nails
in the dry back of my throat
behind the bitter red of my tongue
And sometimes when your
lingers in my world
I think you are real
and then I wish I could
unsift you through my fingers
back to when you were more than
‒ back before you
floated away on the full moon’s tide


This poem was written for 52|250 and was then published at Ramshackle Review.

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12 Responses to Tuesday Poem: ‘Stay’ by Michelle Elvy

  1. ehjc says:

    This is really lovely.

  2. Welcome to Tuesday Poem, Michelle! It’s lovely to have you onboard as part of the community 🙂 This is beautifully crafted. The ‘unsifting’ is surprising & fresh – I’m looking forward to seeing more of your poems 🙂

  3. marydanae says:

    Welcome Michelle – lovely to have you here. This poem is sensuous – the imagery rich and strong – and like Elizabeth I love ‘unsift’. The title too – so simple, one word only, says it all.

  4. gurglewords says:

    I agree with all the above and like the way you put three words together as one. An open and paasionate poem. 🙂

  5. Thank you for visiting, and for the comments on this poem. I’m glad you like the simplicity of it. And the ‘unsifting’. And tastesmellfeel. I like the boundaries of poetry, on the one hand, and the wide open possibilities as well.

  6. El says:

    Mich, Achingly beautiful. Deeply meaningful. May your heart be full.

  7. Hi Michelle

    this poem picks you up and carries you, leaving you somewhere a little different.

    I am in Hokianga, so on the west end of your latitude, I see you know Jack -will send a friend request.

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