Tuesday Poem: Aotearoa Affair NPD Series, including Tuesday Poets

It’s National Poetry Day this Friday!

For this week’s Tuesday Poem I introduce readers to New Zealand poets whose work appears this month at the Aotearoa Affair website. This site was started earlier this year to bring together and celebrate German and New Zealand writers in anticipation of the 2012 Frankfurt Bookfair, where NZ is the Guest of Honour. I edit the site with fellow-editor and poetry/fiction/non-fiction/comics/blogging enthusiast Dorothee Lang in Germany. Last month we featured a special Flash Across Borders edition of the Blog Carnival which included many fine flash fiction stories in honour of New Zealand’s National Flash Fiction Day.

This month, we are featuring a National Poetry Day Series, with New Zealand poets every day. And today’s poem is the 2012 collaborative Tuesday Poets Birthday Poem, written in May by participating Tuesday Poets, with editor commentary by Tuesday Poem founder and editor Mary McCallum. Please click on the title to go to the site and find this collaborative poem. This is the first year I participated in this poetry project and it was a real kick. I love the line-by-line building of the poem and the way each writer introduced new twists in language and image.

The Aotearoa Affair National Poetry Day series began with Waikato poet Beate Jones and has included poetry by AJ Ponder, Helen Lowe, Andrew Bell, Reihana Robinson, Moana Nepia, Mario Blank, Hinemoana Baker, Michele Leggott and Maureen Sudlow. Still to come: Siobhan Harvey, Take Flight poets, Helen McKinley, Poetry Live poets Jeremy Roberts, Penny Somervaille, Tim Heath and Rachael Naomi Heimann as well as a Phantom Billstickers poster feature. You can find all the highlights in the National Poetry Day series here.

Enjoy the poetry series! Enjoy National Poetry Day!


Tuesday Poem For more Tuesday Poems, go here.

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1 Response to Tuesday Poem: Aotearoa Affair NPD Series, including Tuesday Poets

  1. A. J. says:

    Cheers for all the hard work you’ve done for this – I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts 🙂

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