Tuesday Poem: ‘I want to be an old woman who crosses borders’ by Penny Somervaille

I want to be an old woman who crosses borders 

There is a heartline
on a white palm
a childhood memory of
fairy footprints
graffiti on fresh snow

but look closer
this is my heartline
these are my footprints

when the snow melts
they will remain

©Penny Somervaille

Penny Somervaille is one of 5 MCs for Poetry Live the longest running Open Mic Poetry event in Auckland. She has been published in SidestreamBlackmail PressLive Lines and other zines. She is mostly a spoken word poet and has read her work at a number of venues – including Rhythm & Verse, Pah Homestead, Library Bar. She talks about publishing her work but has yet to do so being of an indolent disposition.
This poem also appeared earlier this year in a special feature at Aotearoa Affair Blog Fest.

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9 Responses to Tuesday Poem: ‘I want to be an old woman who crosses borders’ by Penny Somervaille

  1. ajponder says:

    It’s gorgeous, especially the way the end echoes back and completes the deliberate impermanence of the first stanza with …remain. A most lovely whole.

  2. I agree! And it would be lovely to see more of Penny’s poems in print…

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, this is beautifully constructed! Like Alicia, I love the division between the faded, transient memories and the strong permanence of footprints. Thank you for sharing Penny’s work, Michelle. Such a meditative poem for Tuesday 🙂


    A lovely piece of work, Penny:)

  5. gurglewords says:

    This poem leaves a very clear imprint…something about the language. A very positive statement of Penny’s truth. I heard Penny read recently and enjoyed it so it good to see her in print.
    Thanks Michelle.

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