Tuesday Poem: Two things by by Gus Simonovic

Two things with upcoming performances by the always energetic and creative Auckland performance poet Gus Simonovic…

Cosmos of Hearts

hide you lips
don’t say words, that they
want to say
hush them up
even if nobody is listening
save your ears

cover the mirror
kiss the moon instead
moon … moon … moon
the moon is full of crescents
on all sides
popping up like kisses in the sky
smiling, capping, turning, tide-ing it’s sharp ends

it whispers soft light to guide our hearts
as every heart is a planet,
round, ticking, listening in
revolving around the moon
heart stays always full
on all sides
it pumps out words to occupy our lips
it pumps out thoughts to occupy our steps
as our beings revolve around our bellowed’s hearts
moving, feeling, screaming, writing, filling verses of our
silent universes

shhh …
keep quiet
let the moon do the talking
words wonder, in and out of the shadow
thoughts wander
in and out of shape
but they are no things,

if we don’t talk about them

(February 2013)


Insomnia in a Daydream — watch the video!


The above poem is part of the Aotearoa Found in Translation project which was dreamed up by Gus Simonovic, Siri Embla and the  Printable Reality team. This is a collaborative extravaganza including 42 other poets — classics and contemporary, local and international. As Gus says:  “an epic performance by 8 professional actors + 6 poets live … the scale of this community project is unseen and I feel so blessed to be a part of it !”

Meanwhile, Insomnia in a Daydream is a performance piece by Gus and Siri, with music by Dubtext.

Catch both performances next week in Auckland!

Aotearoa Found in Translation location/times:  Basement Theatre, March 19-20-21.

Insomnia in a Daydream location/ times: The Basement Theatre, March 21-22-23.

Note that March 21 is a double bill at the Basement, featuring both shows. 



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