Tuesday Poem: ‘Forty Four Sounds’ by Mark Graver


Forty Four Sounds



Mark Graver writes this about Forty Four Sounds:
This was actually constructed first as a Dadaist poem, the words and phrases were selected then randomly drawn out of a hat.  This was done twice so phrases repeat through the second half.  The phrase Forty Four Sounds inspired the soundtrack which is made from 44 found sounds collaged together – the only time all 44 are heard is at the end.
As well as being inspired by Dada it references John Cage and some of his chance compositions, also the use of ‘real’ sounds from the environment.
I crossed paths with Mark recently as he and I are both involved in a collaborative poetry and visual art project, scheduled for showing at the Geoff Wilson Gallery in Whangarei in August. It’s a marvellous project bringing together 18 artists whose work has been inspiring each other for nearly a year now. I am excited to see the end result, but for now we’ll stick with this video from Mark, which I keep coming back to. For me, it holds industrial and human sounds together in a way that resonates.


And be sure to check out what’s happening this week as the Tuesday Poem continues to celebrate its third birthday with a JAZZ poem, being built step-by-step, rhythm-by-rhythm, by eighteen of us. Be sure to check it out as it gathers momentum and takes smooth, cool turns by clicking below. We are more than one week into creating this poem; do stop in and see how it’s growing and changing each day.

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2 Responses to Tuesday Poem: ‘Forty Four Sounds’ by Mark Graver

  1. Andrew Bell says:

    “No word will die” that’s a great and pithy phrase. The sounds are almost symphonic in an industrial way. Thanks for posting this, Michelle.

  2. I really enjoyed this. I got the vision of a group of little people with tin hats on emerging from the bowels of the earth…whatever it was fun and very rythmical.

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