Tuesday Poem: ‘Prelude’ by Aaron Robertson



The koru unfurls,
loosening a careful hold
and the sequence starts anew:
bumblebees clamber on stamen,
pistil; branch split by shoot
as red leaf breaks from
green, unconscious of days
fog-filled at noon.

Out past the pillars,
we must name the waves
and patterns that bind them;
helmsman to surf is
gannet-led, longship
by light when maps cannot doubt
a knowing ear to wind,
prow pulled to sun.

(first published in Poetry NZ


Aaron Robertson

Aaron Robertson

Aaron Robertson on Prelude:

‘Prelude’ is a hymn to new beginnings, poetic or otherwise’. Technically it’s also perhaps an attempt to use a more musical rhythm as a structural device. The two stanzas are sort of like a musical theme and variation rhythm-wise. I went through a period last year of being pretty blown away by the English poet, Basil Bunting, and his long poem ‘Briggflatts’, who was into that sort of thing, so it probably shows his influence.

 Aaron Robertson is a writer and musician living in Hikurangi. His poetry has previously been published in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.


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