FLASH MOB 2013: Derek Jones

Praxis V: Infinite loop, Fiction, Ideas, Writing, Infinite loop…
by Derek Jones

The beginning, the middle and the end of a line that forms a circle are simultaneously at infinite points along that line.
Consider the following: When did you decide to read this? Why? What caused your decision? To what end? What do you think will happen once you’ve stopped reading? And if something else happens instead, is that the beginning of the next experience or the end of your reading experience? Do you care? Do I care? Do you care if I care?

“Soon you’ll be discovered and thrust deeply into the bitter truth of this place.” Who said that? The author didn’t allocate the line to a character, and was undecided whether or not to include it. Critics may pounce on it as being autobiographical, theorising that the author’s recent drugs charges are smudged faintly but indelibly like a watermark on every page. Every fiction must embrace unavoidable elements of fact.

My muse told me that, “When it came to us, the only things worth considering were those things about which there was no more to consider.” I said I had no idea what she meant. She said, “Exactly. Only ideas are worth contemplating, nothing else is real.” I scratched my non-existent head with my non-existent fingers and said nothing. “Now you’re getting it,” she nodded.

I am minus grammar. My finite catalogue of non-human signs curtails communication. I lack subordinate clauses, mood, case, tense, prepositions and determiners. I suffer from severely restrictive expression. Abstract thought and idle chat are foreign to me. The software of my ancestors’ brains corrupted as competitors upgraded and expanded. Contemporaries brandish pens while I meekly wave a stick. My writing is limited to silly things such as this: I think, therefore perhaps I am a vignette?

The beginning, the middle, the end.


Another guest appearance by a writer jumping into the frenzied mob. More about FLASH MOB 2013 here.

DJ1Derek Jones is a New Zealand author who exists near Puhoi, North of Auckland. He has recently finished writing The Ghostwriter in the Machine – the unauthorised autobiography of Anonymous_Author© and has pledged to write using his real name until the fictional literary voice he created has its memoirs published. Patently, judging by the book’s description, he may be submitting as Derek Jones for some time.
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3 Responses to FLASH MOB 2013: Derek Jones

  1. I could have gone round and round with this for a while.

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