Tuesday Poem: ‘Trees dropping’ by Martin Porter

Trees dropping

Near Rennes, Brittany

Trees dropping leaves in cooler weather,
(dim echoes of trees budding into spring)
add nourishment to their roots beneath.

Take the map that unfolds in concertina,
look down the avenues, and you will see
, here,      trees in full blossom      , here,
branches bare-naked, raising in-between
aaaaaaaaafruit and fruit-fall in the breeze.

copyright Martin Porter. Posted with permission from the author.

Author Note: 

“Trees dropping” took very little time to write but changed considerably during the editing process. It is based on apparently separate items, on illustrations of tree-lined avenues in France, on my own experience of walking in the Yorkshire Dales and travelling the Norman-Breton countryside, on my interest in structures in writing and on my current understanding of the human perception of the quantum nature of space and time.

The poem is centred around the notion of many universes – the concertina nature of the map offering many pathways – and the relationship of non-linear space-time, with the discontinuity of spring to winter being accentuated by punctuation and white space and the ordering of summer and autumn to come after spring and winter.


Thank you, Martin Porter, for sharing your poetry and reflections. I first met Martin in Whangarei several years back and have always admired his poetry and discussions. I’ve also become acquainted with his short short stories at Flash Frontier. I most recently crossed paths with him again, at first unwittingly, when I discovered that he penned the winning entry for the 2014 Northland Flash Fiction competition. I was one of two judges for this comp, and the readings were blind. Interestingly, I never would have guessed that the winning story was written by Martin — in part, because I heard a woman’s voice in the first-person narrative. Just goes to show how reading blind leaves us open to the many possibilities of voice. Congratulations again, Martin!

More about Martin Porter:

Martin PorterMartin Porter was born in Jersey and studied Astrophysics in London and Leeds, before returning to Jersey to teach Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics at his old school. He won the poetry section of the Jersey Arts Centre Writers competition in 2005 and was highly commended in 2004 and 2005. He migrated to New Zealand, becoming a systems trainer, and now lives a retired life in New Zealand. He writes poetry and micro-prose and has had work published in Highland Park Poetry and San Pedro River Review (USA), Wavelengths – New Poetry in the Channel Island and Bare Fiction magazine (UK), NorthTec’s “Chain Reaction” art and poetry exhibition (NZ) and Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook (web). He maintains a WordPress blog “Poetry Notes and Jottings” and is a regular reader at Whangarei’s monthly “Poets Exposed”. Martin won the Whangarei Library Flash Fiction competition in 2012 and 2014.


Tuesday Poem is a collective of poets who share poetry on a weekly basis across borders and time zones. At the TP hub this week you’ll find  “Agnus Dei” by Marty Smith, posted by TP editor this week, Janis Freegard

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