Tuesday Poem: ‘lost and found on the b train in winter’ by Walter Bjorkman


downloadToday I’m the hub editor at Tuesday Poem, and the poem I’ve posted is by Walter Bjorkman from his new collection, Strand. There’s also a wee interview with the poet, and I hope you’ll drop by there to check it out.

I first became acquainted with Walter Bjorkman’s poetry at the online writers’ community, Fictionaut. From there, I entered into several creative endeavors with this poet, including the 52|250 project and other collaborative poetry. I enjoy his energetic output tremendously and admire the way personality and place play alongside history and nature in his poetry. Walter Bjorkman writes with a personal hand, and his poetry is honest. I’m pleased he shared his work with us this week. 


WBWalter Bjorkman is a writer, photographer, book & web designer and editor from Brooklyn, NY, now residing in the foothills of the Adirondacks. His works have appeared in Word Riot, Scrambler, Pirene’s Fountain, Poets & Artists, THIS Literary Magazine, Connotation Press, Blue Fifth Review, Foliate Oak, Wilderness House Literary Review, A-Minor, Blue Print Review, Metazen and many others. His collection of short stories, Elsie’s World,was published in January 2011 and can be purchased on Amazon here. His poetry chapbook, Strand, is both available from estore here, or Amazon here.


Tuesday Poem is a collective of poets who share poetry on a weekly basis across borders and time zones. Check out all the other poets contributing to this ongoing poetry community by looking down the left-hand sidebar at the main site, below.

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