Tuesday Poem: ‘rough’ by Vaughan Gunson


Detouring, if on hunch, taken perhaps
by a message imbedded on a faded sign,
which invites you, in an old fashioned way 
to leave the criss-crossed tourist route
to sail along a wide street, used once 
for carriages and proper women in white 
embroidered dresses, and barefooted kids
in collars; a temporary stretch of bitumen
and stone, before the mud and puddles
return, that our quiet ancestors knew 
in their distant photos, who looked down 
more often to the unevenness of ground
we’ve strived to flatten. Look both ways 
at the easy floating trees and timbered walls―
you won’t see our rough desires and coarse 
failures; the blistering from all we polish.


copyright Vaughan Gunson. Posted with permission from the author.



book-cover1Vaughan Gunson is the author of this hilll, all it’s about is lifting to a higher levelMore of his poetry is here.

Here’s what other poets have said about his poetry:

“This is a book I’ve been keenly awaiting. We’ve printed a number of Vaughan’s poems in Poetry New Zealand and I’ve come to admire and respect what he writes. His poems merge his concerns for the human and natural worlds into a unity that reflects the human condition and its expression in internal and external experience.”
– Alistair Paterson, Poetry NZ editor, ONZM
“Vaughan Gunson’s this hill, all it’s about is lifting it to a higher level is a startling collection of poetry. Buoyed by Gunson’s eye for the unusual and precise and his cadent tongue, the book mines new and familiar territory in surprising and exciting ways.”
– Siobhan Harvey, Takahe poetry editor and National Poetry Day organiser



Thank you, Vaughan, for sharing your work!

Tuesday Poem is a collective of poets who share poetry on a weekly basis across borders and time zones. Please check out the other poets and the main poem at the TP hub this week — ‘Like a Butterfly’ by Tuesday Poem member Jennifer Compton, brought to us by Hub Editor Catherine Bateson.

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1 Response to Tuesday Poem: ‘rough’ by Vaughan Gunson

  1. Helen Lowe says:

    I like this a lot, Michelle–the historical feel of it and recognizability of the experience.

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