Cormac McCarthy Describes the Weather

….because I love Cormac McCarthy and because I love the way this writer captures the spirit of his writing. Even if she’s spoofing him. This is fun. And damn good.



Weather Forecast: June 23-24

The clouds tantrumed against the moon, the moon like some anemic sun of a furthered world. The black sky boiling the frozen stars out of their cryogenesis. The roar of this world or any other muted by distance incalculable. Or if it be calculable, then be it by rain only.

Weather Forecast: July 1-July 3

They rode the birds chittering out of the arroyo. By and by a brockle-faced lot of cattle began to follow at a distance, lowing dumbly in protest to some unknown grief. The She-Kid sat her horse and glassed the country to the east.

You reckon there’ll be sun tomorrow.

Why, do you?

She leaned and spat into the fire.

I reckon. I know what rain clouds look like and them there ain’t no rain clouds.

You don’t know shit.

Weather Forecast: The Autumnal Season Entire

August in conspiracy…

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  1. Love it. Feisty and just so good!

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